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How To Maintain Your Cue Tip

Aside from protecting your cue from humidity, the other caution you must take is caring for your cue tip. Since the tip is active in every one of your shots, it is of utmost importance to have a good tip at all times. The cue tip is also very important to keep clean. It’s cleanliness […]

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About Backspin

How To Use Backspin Let’s start by saying any shot that is not performed by a straight on centered approach will be difficult to master, not to mention hard to control. A shot that is made by aiming at any point other than the center of the cue, will cause the cue ball to be […]

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Making the most of english or spin

What Is English or Sidespin? English or Sidespin is an advanced technique in pool and refers to spin that is put on the cue ball. You can apply English or sidespin in a number of ways. It all comes down to aiming at the cue ball in different spots other than the straight center shot. […]

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